Library of Bell Recordings
by Dr John R Ketteringham MBE Lincoln, England

Veronese Style Ringing

The bells which can be heard are those of Altissimo, Church, Italy
10 bells - tenor 28 cwt

(If you cannot hear the bells please click here.)

The English form of full circle bellringing is not entirely unique. Bells are rung full circle in the Veronese district of Italy and a complete account is given by David Bagley on his web site.

The Veronese bellringers are affiliated to the Central Council of Church Bellringers and they have their own web site.

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Altissimo, Church, Italy
10 bells. Tenor 28 cwt

(© David Bagley)


Arzignano, Italy
9 bells. Tenor 44 cwt.

(&169; David Bagley)


Verona, Cathedral, Italy
9 bells. Tenor 88 cwt in Ab

(&169; David Bagley)

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