Library of Bell Recordings
by Dr John R Ketteringham MBE Lincoln, England


The bells which can be heard are those of Bournville Schools
carillon having 48 bells and a bourdon pitch C

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A carillon is a musical instrument composed of at least 23 carillon bells and may have as many as 77 bells arranged in chromatic sequence, so tuned as to produce concordant harmony when many bells are sounded together.  The heaviest bell, which is called the Bourdon, can range from 300 pounds to over 20 tonnes in weight.

The carillon is played from a large keyboard containing both manual and pedal keys, similar in design to an organ but much larger.  A carillon is very sensitive to the touch of the player, and has the largest dynamic range of any acoustical instrument. The keyboard is linked to the clapper of the bell by a manual transmission mechanism that allows the player great expressive range.

The world's greatest concentration of carillons is still in the Low Countries of Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands, northern France and northwest Germany).  The art of the carillon has spread world wide, however, with instruments on every continent except Antarctica.  Nearly 200 exist in North America.

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The sample is of the carillon chiming only

Amsterdam, Oude Kerkstoren, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
47 bells.

( none)
CDs: Rene Gailly CD 88 902 & Dureco 11 64512 i

Antwerpen, O.L. Vrouwekathedraal, Antwerpen, Belgium
49 bells.

( none)
CD: UMC 1001

Ann Arbor, Charles Baird Carillon, Burton Tower, University of Michigan, USA
55 bells. Bourdon 215 cwt in D#

(Charles Baird Carillon)


Ann Arbor, Ann and Robert H. Lurie Tower, University of Michigan, USA
60 bells. Bourdon G

(College of Engineering)
BEIAARDEN VAN DE VELUWE Concert on Dutch carillons TMN 19991

Apeldoorn, Oude Raadhuis, Gelderland,  Netherlands
52 bells.

( none)


Arlington, Arlington National Cemetery, Netherlands Carillon,Virginia, USA
50 bells. Bourdon pitch G

(The Netherlands Carillon)


Athens, Marsh Memorial Carillon, Concord College, West Virginia, USA
48 bells. Bourdon (est) 54 cwt in C

(Marsh Memorial Carillon)
BEIAARDEN VAN DE VELUWE Concert on Dutch carillons TMN 19991

Barneveld, Oude Raadhuis, Gelderland,  Netherlands
44 bells.

( none)
BEIAARDEN VAN DE VELUWE Concert on Dutch carillons TMN 19991

Barneveld, Oude Kerk, Gelderland,  Netherlands
51 bells.

( none)
CD: Historische Beiaardopnamen 1950-1975 Vol. 2 i

Borgerhout, Districtshuistoren, Antwerpen, Belgium
47 bells.

( none)


Bournville, Bournville Schools, UK
48 bells. Bourdon  64 cwt 18 lbs in  Ab

(The Bournville Carillon)
CD & cassette: Hudson HRM 96 & Erasmus DDD WVH 094 i

Breda, Our Lady Church, Breda, Netherlands
45 bells. Bourdon 54 cwt in B

(Our Lady Church)
CD: Ethnic B 6751

Brugge, Belfort, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
47 bells.

( none)
CD: Ethnic B 6751

Buglose, Le Carillon de la Basilique, Eglise Notre Dame, Landes, France
60 bells.

(Le Carillon de la Basilique)


Chicago, The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Carillon, University of Chicago, Illinois, USA
72 bells. Bourdon 18½ tons in C#

(Laura Spelman Rockefeller Carillon)


Cobh, Cathedral Church of St Colman, Cork, Eire
47 bells. Bourdon 67 cwt 2 qrs 22 lbs in A

(St Colman's Carillon)


Dordrecht, Grote kerk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
67 bells.

(Dordrecht City)

Douai, The Belfry of Douai, France
62 bells. Bourdon (est) 46 cwt in C
plus sub-bourdon in A

(The Belfry of Douai)


Durham, The Allen & Perkins carillon, Duke University Chapel, North Carolina, USA
50 bells. Bourdon 100cwt in G

(Duke University Chapel)


East Lansing, Beaumont Tower Carillon, Michigan, USA
49 bells.. Bourdon 46 cwt in C

(Beaumont Tower Carillon)
BEIAARDEN VAN DE VELUWE Concert on Dutch carillons TMN 19991

Ede, Oude kerk, Gelderland,  Netherlands
61 bells.

( none)


Enschede, Universiteit Twente, Campusbeiaard,
Overijssel,  Netherlands
49 bells.

(Campus Beiaard Kring)


Fort Smith, Reynolds Tower, University of Arkansas, USA
42 bells. Bourdon 12 cwt 2 qrs 18 lbs in F

(University of Arkansas)
Cassettes: Gothic G-49057/GC-49057 & Gothic G-49045

Garden Grove, Crystal Cathedral, California, USA
52 bells. Bourdon 55 cwt 3 qrs 26 lbs in C

(Crystal Cathedral)


Ghent, Belfort, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
54 bells.

( none)


Gouda St Janstoren, Zuid-Holland,  Netherlands
50 bells.

12 in mono LP: U-7431/32 Petit & Frisen  

Green Bay, First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wisconsin, USA
47 bells. Bourdon 47 cwt 16 lbs in C

( none )


Greenville, The Burnside Carillon, Furman
University Bell Tower , South Carolina, USA
59 bells. Bourdon 40 cwt 20 lbs in D

(Furman University Bell Tower)


Groningen, Martinikerk, Groningen,  Netherlands
52 bells.

( none)
BEIAARDEN VAN DE VELUWE Concert on Dutch carillons TMN 19991

Harderwijk, Grote Kerk, Gelderland,  Netherlands
47 bells.

( none)


Hartford, The Plumb Memorial Carillon, Trinity College, Conecticut, USA
49 bells. Bourdon 50 cwt in B

(Trinity College)
Cassette: Musical Heritage Society MHC 9435X LP: 12 in mono Morse Music MM-1000

Lake Wales, Bok Tower Gardens, Florida, USA
57 bells. Bourdon 207 cwt 2 qrs 6 lbs in D#

(University of Florida)

CD: Ethnic B 6751  

Lisieux, Basilique Sainte Thérèse, Calvados, France
49 bells.

( none )
CD: Ethnic B 6751  

London, Regal Cinema Marble Arch, England
32 bell carillon by Gillett and Johnston for the organ.

(© BBC  Radio 2)


Milwaukee, Marquette University, Wisconsin,  USA
48 bells. Bourdon C

(Marquette University)


Nieuwpoort, O.L. Vrouwetoren, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
67 bells.

(Nieuwpoort, Belgium)
BEIAARDEN VAN DE VELUWE Concert on Dutch carillons TMN 19991

Nijkerk, Grote kerk, Gelderland,  Netherlands
49 bells.

( none)


Rochester, University of Rochester, Hopeman Memorial Carillon, New York, USA
50 bells. Bourdon 12 cwt 2 qrs in A#

(University of Rochester)


Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, Tour de l'ancienne Abbaye, Nord, France
48 bells.

(St Amand Carillon)


San Diego, Fletcher Symphonic Carillon, Hardy Memorial Tower, San Diego State University, USA
50 bells.


Springfield, The Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon, Illinois, USA
66 bells. Bourdon 133 cwt 4 lbs in F#

(Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon)
CD: P 1996

Sydney, University of Sydney War Memorial Carillon, New South Wales, Australia
54 bells. Bourdon 88 cwt 2 qrs 8lbs in G

(University of Sydney Carillon)
BEIAARDEN VAN DE VELUWE Concert on Dutch carillons TMN 19991

Wageningen, Grote Kerk, Gelderland,  Netherlands
50 bells.

( none)
7 in stereo LPs: Vantage ABR-1027 & ABR-1032  

Wellington, National War Memorial Carillon, New Zealand
74 bells. Bourdon 246 cwt 5lbs

(National War Memorial Carillon)

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