Library of Bell Recordings
by Dr John R Ketteringham MBE Lincoln, England


The bells which can be heard are those of St Botolph, Boston, Lincolnshire
chime of 11 bells - tenor 5 cwt 2 qrs 6 lbs in C

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A 'Chime' is a group of bells generally understood to consist of at least eight bells. One octave gives a narrow scope of tune playing. The most practical consist of ten to thirteen and no more than twenty-three bells.  The bells are hung for stationary striking and may be operated manually from a keyboard or "chimestand"  where levers (through a transmission system) pull wires attached to clappers, or from a piano type keyboard with electrical contacts which initiate electro magnetic hammers to strike on either the inside or outside of the bells.

An interesting web site dealing specifically with Chimes can be found here.

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Barga, Tuscany
Chime of 3 bells

(© Barga bells Tuscany)

Berlin, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
Chime of 6 bells

(© George Dawson)

Bethlehem, The Church of the Nativity, Palestine (© BBC Christmas Bells 1976)

Beverley, Minster Church of St John Evangelist
Chime of 10 bells
Tenor 41 cwt 1 qr 20 lbs in C

(© Local ringers)

Bologna, Cattedrale di San Petronio, Italy
Chime of 4 bells

(© Tom Freeston)

Boston, St Botolph, Lincolnshire
Chime of 11 bells
Tenor 5 cwt 2 qrs 6 lbs in C

(© Tom Freeston)

Boston, St Botolph, Lincolnshire
Quarter bells - Tenor 8 cwt 3 qrs 24 lbs in Bb
Hour bell - 21 cwt 1 qr 10 lbs Eb

(© John Ketteringham)
Chilander, The Holy Monastery of Chilandar, Mount Athos, Greece
Chime of 9 bells
(Chilander Monastery)

Cranham, Prinknash Abbey, Gloucestershire
Chime of 8 bells
Tenor 21 cwt 3 qrs 1 lb in E
(Prinknash Abbey)

Great Rostov, Dormition Cathedral, Russia
Chime of 15 bells
Tenor ['Sisoy'] 625 cwt
(© Russian Bells)


Ithaca, Cornell Chimes, Cornell University, New York, USA
Chime of 21 bells

(Cornell University)


Hopedale, Hopedale Unitarian Church USA
Chime of 11 bells
Tenor in E

(Hopedale High)

Iviron, The Holy Monastery of Iviron, Mount Athos, Greece
Chime of 9 bells
(Mount Athos)

Rome, Sant Anselmo Abbey, Italy
( none )


San Francisco, Holy Trinity Cathedral, California, USA
Chime of 7 bells
Tenor 51 cwt 1 qr 25 lbs

(Holy Trinity Cathedral)


San Anselmo, St Nicholas Church, California, USA
Chime of 7 bells
Tenor 4 cwt 2 qrs 22 lbs

(Holy Trinity Cathedral)

Stratford, St James Anglican Church, Ontario, Canada
Chime of 11 bells
Tenor in C
(© St James Anglican Church)
Venice, Church of San Geremia, Italy
( none )
Westminster, Houses of Parliament, Middlesex
Chime of 4 bells
Tenor 3 tons 17 cwt 3 qrs 24 lbs in C
(© John Ketteringham)

CD: Saydisc SDL-429
Westminster, St Clement Danes, Middlesex
Chime of 11 [ring of 10 + a flat 4th ] plays well known 'Oranges & Lemons say the bells of St Clement's'
Tenor 21 cwt 1qr 23 lbs in E
( none )


York, York Minster, North Yorkshire
Chime of 11
Tenor 23 cwt 3 qrs 19 lbs in D

(© David Bryant)


York, York Minster, North Yorkshire
Chime of 6 quarter bells
Tenor 60 cwt 1 qr 17 lbs in Bb

(© David Bryant)


Zeneggen, Pfarrkirche, Switzerland
Chime of 5 bells
Tenor 14 cwt 1 qr 13 lbs in F

(Die Pfarrkirche von Zeneggen)

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