Library of Bell Recordings
by Dr John R Ketteringham MBE Lincoln, England


The bells which can be heard are those of Lincoln Cathedral
12 bells - tenor 23 cwt 3 qrs 13 lbs in D

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welcome to all visitors to this web site.  This library is intended to be an index of all bell recordings which can be found on the Internet and also of commercially produced CDs. If anyone knows of any which I have not found I would be very pleased to hear from them.  The collection has now expanded to include many recordings sent from private sources and if you would like to contribute your tower please feel free to send me a sound file.  All sources and copyrights are acknowledged. 

Whilst you are visiting please put your pin into my Guest Map and add a comment (but if you wish to ask a question then use the email link below).  Thank you.

The majority of the recordings are of bells hung for change-ringing in the English style.  The geographical locations can be found from the dropdown menu above or by clicking on the appropriate initial letter:

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Alternatively you can use this Search Facility to search the whole web site:

There are also pages of recordings of:

The Recordings pages are introduced by recordings which I think are particularly impressive or which have a special association for me.

Wherever possible the person who made the recording listed below has been contacted. If the acknowledgement is incorrect please contact me (please note that you will need to amend the email address in your email program to substitute the -at- for @).

I acknowledge with gratitude permission readily given by the producer for permission to use a number of recordings made by BBC Radio 4 in the programme "Bells on Sunday".

Click on the small speaker icon to hear a sample of each recording, right click on the file icon to download it, left click the file icon to listen to it.

I am particularly grateful to Bill Hibbert for permission to use recordings from his web site and to Jim Hedgecock, John Whittall and Tom Freeston for supplying tapes also to David Bryant for the recordings of Somerset bells.  I am grateful to Matthew Dawson for transferring the tapes to CD and to Graham Jackson for extracting the clips and putting them onto the website.

Links to web sites of interest to those interested in Bells and Bellringing can be found here.

Recordings of change ringing on handbells.


An interesting simulated bell site has been created by Tony Diserens.   
An example of Plain Bob Sixteen will be found
here .
Mike Chester has been collecting data about chimes in churches from various sources.
The present list can be found here

Commercial Bell Recordings
  'Ring out wild bells! The Bells of Lincolnshire'
20 recordings

(© Lincoln Minster Shops Ltd in association with Cantoris Records)

  'Church Bells of England' [CD-SDL 378]
16 recordings from 16 towers

(© Saydisc Records)

  'Hampshire Bells' - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
18 recordings from 15 towers

(© Roy LeMarechal)

  'Ring Forth Holy Bells' [CBC008]
20 recordings of the Surrey Association


  'Ring Forth! Guildford Guild' [CDC016]
20 recordings of the Guildford Guild


  'Bells for the Millennium' [CBC018]
Copyright free bell recordings for new year


  'Bells for all Occasions' [CBC020]
Copyright free bell recordings


  'Bells of Somerset'
13 recordings from 13 towers

Bath & Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers

  'Inverary Bells' [CD IASCCD1]

Norman Chaddock

  'Called Home'

John Taylors Bellfounders Ltd

  'Glorious Devon Bells'

The Guild of Devonshire Ringers

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© John R Ketteringham unless otherwise acknowledged.
Webmaster, ideas person and general nuisance - Graham K Jackson.

Revised: 07 Nov 2016