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41 valid peals for Gosport, Jack & Jill House Campanile, Hampshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1020-A8BOK13 Apr 2005Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4911.0551
2021-8ECOK31 Dec 2005Nailstone Surprise Major
RW 4943.0058
3021-B73OK14 Feb 2006Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 4954.0332
4027-24FOK31 Dec 2006Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4998.0141
5028-B79OK18 Mar 2007Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 5015.0590
6029-229OK31 Aug 2007Plain Bob Doubles
RW 5033.1025
702B-240OK10 Nov 2007Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5040.1195
802B-3FCOK8 Dec 2007Minor (8 methods)
RW 5046.0034
902B-5A8OK19 Dec 2007Minor (2 methods)
RW 5049.0140
1002B-5ABOK20 Dec 2007Minimus (3 methods)
RW 5049.0140
1102B-5ACOK20 Dec 2007Double Bob Minimus
RW 5049.0140
1202B-5AAOK20 Dec 2007Reverse Bob Minimus
RW 5049.0140
1302B-5A9OK30 Dec 2007Minor (3 methods)
RW 5049.0140
1402B-55DOK31 Dec 2007Minimus (3 methods)
RW 5100.0085
1502C-177OK9 Mar 2008Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5099.0061
1602C-276OK20 Mar 2008Double Bob Minimus
RW 5059.0390
17030-9B3OK4 Jan 2009Havant Surprise Major
RW 5100.0083
18033-2B9OK8 Apr 2009Minimus (3 methods)
RW 9009
19033-647OK24 May 2009Rutland Surprise Major
RW 5128.0802
20035-248OK7 Jul 2009Superlative Surprise Major
RW 5126.0754
21035-2C8OK19 Jul 2009Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 5128.0802
22037-AB3OK27 Oct 2009Fylingdale Surprise Major
RW 5142.1142
23038-363OK17 Nov 2009Wye Surprise Major
RW 5145.1218
2403B-F86OK10 Jul 2010Spliced Surprise Major (3 methods)
RW 5203.0035
2503C-3EFOK31 Dec 2010Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5204.0058
2603D-9E9OK1 Jun 2011Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5226.0654
2703E-288OK20 Jun 2011New Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 5230.0750
2803F-A03OK30 Aug 2011Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5238.0942
29040-5B5OK3 Oct 2011Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5244.1090
30041-C17OK23 Dec 2011Rutland Surprise Major
RW 5257.0090
31041-C8EOK31 Dec 2011Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5257.0090
32042-244OK21 Feb 2012Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 5264.0274
33045-364OK16 Dec 2012Uxbridge Surprise Major
RW 5308.0060
34045-84BOK3 Feb 2013Kinver Surprise Major
RW 5314.0206
35045-B3BOK2 Apr 2013Alloa Surprise Major
RW 5323.0462
36047-12AOK21 Jun 2014Ealing Surprise Major
RW 5385.0718
37047-D0EOK25 Dec 2014Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 5412.0059
38049-D42OK1 Sep 2015Bristol Surprise Major
Not yet published in The Ringing World
3904A-2ACOK14 Feb 2016Spliced Surprise Major (3 methods)
RW 5502.1020
4004B-A22OK12 Aug 2017Spliced Treble Dodging Minor (8 methods)
RW 5550.0890
4112E-949OK14 Apr 2019Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5636.0428

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