Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

130 valid peals for Stoke, Coventry, S Michael, Warwickshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
101020-5E5OK24 Jan 2005Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 4894.0130
102021-796OK12 Dec 2005Quinton Alliance Major
RW 4941.0009
103021-C17OK25 Feb 2006Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 4951.0258
104026-DDCOK16 Oct 2006Venus Alliance Major
RW 4984.1055
105027-3CCOK27 Jan 2007Quedgeley Surprise Major
RW 4999.0166
10602A-85DOK17 Sep 2007Windsor Alliance Major
RW 5032.1003
10702B-D19OK21 Feb 2008Grandsire Triples
RW 5057.0340
10802C-95DOK31 Mar 2008Sixtieth Surprise Major
RW 5060.0415
109032-1C8OK16 Mar 2009Mars Delight Major
RW 5110.0329
110038-96COK21 Dec 2009Albion Treble Bob Major
RW 5151.0041
111038-FB5OK19 Apr 2010Meyrick Treble Bob Major
RW 5167.0473
11203D-822OK16 May 2011Jaundiced Treble Bob Major
RW 5223.0561
113041-AD1OK19 Dec 2011Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5255.0034
114043-ECAOK14 Jul 2012Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5290.0974
115045-36AOK17 Dec 2012Stoke Treble Bob Major
RW 5307.0034
116045-945OK18 Feb 2013Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 5315.0229
117045-BDBOK13 Apr 2013Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5323.0461
118046-85AOK16 Dec 2013Oxhill Treble Bob Major
RW 5359.0033
119047-102OK16 Jun 2014Fifty Surprise Major
RW 5383.0663
120047-48AOK13 Sep 2014Wye Surprise Major
RW 5398.1041
121047-AF8OK17 Nov 2014Ullenhall Treble Bob Major
RW 5408.1291
122048-408OK15 Jun 2015Yasminoli Treble Bob Major
RW 5435.0651
123049-8B3OK28 Sep 2015Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 5451.1033
12404A-03DOK21 Dec 2015Xmastide Delight Major
RW 5464.0057
12504A-876OK20 Jun 2016Firebolt Surprise Major
RW 5489.0705
12604B-042OK19 Dec 2016Ba Humbug! Surprise Major
RW 5516.0032
12704B-5B6OK24 Apr 2017Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 5533.0483
12804B-854OK1 Jul 2017Superlative Surprise Major
RW 5542.0697
12912D-7D5OK19 Feb 2018Quainton Surprise Major
RW 5576.0230
13012D-DB7OK16 Jul 2018William Smith Delight Major
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