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83 valid peals for Southwold on Sea, S Edmund King & Martyr, Suffolk, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1328-86EOK26 Jul 1858Oxford Treble Bob Major
BL 1.viii.58; CB iv.223
2328-863OK6 Aug 1894Kent Treble Bob Major
3328-858OK27 Dec 1897Grandsire Triples
4328-84DOK8 Dec 1898Plain Bob Triples
5328-842OK9 Apr 1901Kent Treble Bob Major
6328-837OK16 Apr 1904Kent Treble Bob Major
7328-82COK16 Apr 1906Double Norwich Court Bob Major
8328-821OK6 Aug 1906Kent Treble Bob Major
9328-816OK15 Sep 1906Oxford Treble Bob Major
10328-80BOK13 Oct 1906Kent Treble Bob Major
11328-800OK25 Jul 1908Superlative Surprise Major
12328-7F5OK10 Jul 1909Cambridge Surprise Major
13328-7EAOK16 May 1910Superlative Surprise Major
14328-7DFOK6 May 1911Plain Bob Major
15328-7D4OK27 May 1911Double Norwich Court Bob Major
16328-7C9OK23 Sep 1911Oxford Treble Bob Major
17328-7BEOK3 Feb 1912Kent Treble Bob Major
18328-7B3OK10 Feb 1912Plain Bob Major
19328-7A8OK5 Aug 1912Stedman Triples
20328-79DOK7 Dec 1912Grandsire Triples
21328-792OK24 Mar 1913Stedman Triples
22328-787OK26 Dec 1913Plain Bob Major
23328-77COK27 Jun 1914Grandsire Triples
24328-771OK7 Nov 1915Plain Bob Major
25328-766OK9 Jan 1916Kent Treble Bob Major
26328-75BOK5 Jul 1919Oxford Treble Bob Major
27328-750OK4 Aug 1919Kent Treble Bob Major
28328-745OK4 Jan 1920Plain Bob Major
29328-73AOK8 Aug 1920Plain Bob Major
30328-72FOK28 May 1921Stedman Triples
31328-724OK5 Jun 1922Kent Treble Bob Major
32328-719OK23 Jun 1923Double Norwich Court Bob Major
33328-70EOK6 Aug 1923Plain Bob Major
34328-703OK24 Nov 1923Plain Bob Major
35328-6F8OK21 Apr 1924Bristol Surprise Major
36328-6EDOK10 Jul 1924Plain Bob Major
37328-6E2OK16 May 1939Kent Treble Bob Major
38328-6D7OK18 Apr 1949Kent Treble Bob Major
39328-6CCOK29 Oct 1949Plain Bob Major
40328-6C1OK3 Aug 1953Plain Bob Major
41328-6B6OK15 May 1954Plain Bob Major
42328-6ABOK20 Nov 1954Cambridge Surprise Major
43328-6A0OK19 Feb 1955Plain Bob Major
44328-695OK3 Mar 1956St Clement's College Bob Major
45328-68AOK24 Nov 1956Plain Bob Major
46328-67FOK16 Nov 1957Southwell Surprise Major
47328-674OK1 Nov 1958Plain Bob Major
48328-669OK9 May 1959Minor (5 methods)
49328-65EOK26 Feb 1966Plain Bob Major
50328-653OK3 Feb 1968Plain Bob Major
51328-648OK18 Nov 1972Grandsire Triples
52328-63DOK17 Nov 1973Kent Treble Bob Major
53328-632OK26 Oct 1977Yorkshire Surprise Major
54328-627OK8 Jul 1978Pudsey Surprise Major
55328-61COK23 Nov 1985Oxney Surprise Major
56328-611OK21 Nov 1987Canterbury Pleasure Bob Triples
5700D-9C8OK5 Jan 1991St Edmund Surprise Major
RW 4163.0142
5800E-B0AOK16 Nov 1991Plain Bob Major
RW 4207.1184
59010-EF6OK24 Jul 1993Grandsire Triples
RW 4296.0854
60011-62AOK20 Nov 1993Plain Bob Major
RW 4312.1240
61012-494OK16 Jul 1994Stedman Triples
RW 4347
62012-5ABOK5 Aug 1994Plain Bob Triples
RW 4349.0878
63013-336OK11 Mar 1995Plain Bob Major
RW 4381
64013-C89OK16 Aug 1995Plain Bob Major
RW 4405
65014-E2BOK8 Jun 1996Jerusalem Surprise Major
RW 4445
66015-801OK23 Nov 1996London Surprise Major
RW 4474
67015-C0DOK25 Jan 1997Grandsire Triples
RW 4478
68016-DDAOK22 Nov 1997Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4521.1277
69018-205OK21 Nov 1998Southwold Surprise Major
RW 4573
70019-4E5OK30 Oct 1999Plain Bob Major
RW 4620
7101A-22COK3 Jun 2000Winslow Surprise Major
RW 4654
7201C-7B2OK9 Mar 2002Kenworthy Surprise Major
RW 4744.0316
73021-F3DOK27 Apr 2006Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4961.0504
7402B-2FAOK17 Nov 2007Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5050.0165
75038-394OK21 Nov 2009Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 5153.0093
76039-C60OK31 Jul 2010Plain Bob Triples
RW 5187.0966
77041-1E2OK19 Nov 2011Plain Bob Major
RW 5250.1239
78043-6EAOK2 Jun 2012Plain Bob Triples
RW 5283.0778
79044-FDFOK17 Nov 2012Plain Bob Major
RW 5306.0010
80046-071OK11 Jul 2013Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 5338.0832
81046-7B1OK23 Nov 2013Plain Bob Major
RW 5356.1277
82047-170OK28 Jun 2014Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5385.0718
83049-E00OK21 Nov 2015Grandsire Triples
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