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5 invalid peals for Redenhall, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Norfolk, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1394-7437BAD_TOWERWed, 1 May 1811Plain Bob Major
CB iii.415. Rung at Bungay - CB iii.463.
2394-7445BAD_TOWERSat, 1 Aug 1812Plain Bob Major
CB iii.415. Rung at Bungay - CB iii.463
3394-7459BAD_TOWERSat, 6 Mar 1824Oxford Treble Bob Major
(6,720). CR 209. Rung at Bungay on 26/2/24 - BNP 10.iii.24.
4394-7421FALSEWed, 23 Apr 1828Oxford Treble Bob Major
(8,000). CB iii.427; IJ 26.iv.28. False (Peal Board addition)
5394-7468BAD_TOWERMon, 26 Jul 1858Oxford Treble Bob Major
BL 1.viii.58. Rung at Southwold - CB iv.223

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