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17 valid peals for Easton Maudit, SS Peter & Paul, Northamptonshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
144F-B15OK22 Jun 1911Doubles
RW 0015.0239; BN xxx.188 Method not given
244F-B0AOK9 Oct 1920Grandsire Doubles
344F-AFFOK22 Nov 1924Doubles (2 methods)
444F-AF4OK5 Nov 1927Doubles (2 methods)
544F-AE9OK25 Dec 1930Doubles (2 methods)
644F-ADEOK11 Jul 1931Grandsire Doubles
744F-AD3OK20 Nov 1948Doubles (2 methods)
844F-AC8OK26 Feb 1949Doubles (2 methods)
944F-ABDOK5 Nov 1949Doubles (2 methods)
1044F-AB2OK8 Jan 1951Doubles (6 methods)
1144F-AA7OK3 Apr 1955Grandsire Doubles
1244F-A9COK14 Jan 1956Doubles (3 methods)
1344F-A91OK8 Apr 1958Doubles (7 methods)
1444F-A86OK27 Jul 1980Stedman Doubles
15016-8BCOK30 Aug 1997Doubles (42 variations)
RW 4510
16019-F32OK15 Apr 2000Spliced Doubles (11 methods)
RW 4646
17020-922OK20 Mar 2005Doubles (25 methods)
RW 4902.0330

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