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Bell ringing is GREAT FUN!

  • A unique hobby for whole families from 9 – 90
  • Very sociable group participation — you'll make friends for life
  • A craft almost 400 years old practised throughout the British Isles and in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Southern Africa and the USA — plenty of scope for travel !
  • Service to the Church — you will soon be able to make an important contribution
  • Lots of brainwork if you like it — but this is optional
  • Healthy light exercise — you don't need to be big and strong
  • It helps if you have a sense of rhythm and reasonable coordination — you don't have to be a musician

Find out more about learning to ring:

(lessons are free in return for weekly loyalty to your tower)

  • send an email to telling us where you live (town or village name; County and County Town names; and your full postcode)


  • phone 01264 366 620


  • send a stamped, addressed envelope to:
    c/o The Ringing World
    35A High Street,
    SP10 1LJ

The Ringing World is the official weekly journal of The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers